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Protecting assets is important to those who have worked so hard to attain the things they own. The time to protect assets however is not once trouble has come knocking but rather while there is no trouble on the horizon. Once you become embroiled in legal and personal battles it will be too late. Furthermore once assets have been seized there is nothing anyone can do to prevent the taking of your property.

Working with an experienced attorney who knows the ins and outs of Orange County estate planning, living trust preparation and even tax laws can save you both trouble and the loss of your assets. Matthew Mullhofer is an Orange County Attorney At Law who specializes in the protection of client property.

When it comes to court battles and judgments against them, many people often make the mistake of believing that it won't happen to them. To an unprepared individual or business such a judgment can be ruinous to both the personal and professional lives of those whom have received such a judgment. When lawsuits come your way, especially those of a frivolous nature, a judgment can come swiftly and unexpectedly and federal and state laws prevent assets from being transferred after a judgment has been passed.

Matthew Mullhofer Orange County Attorney At Law is here to help you protect what is rightfully yours long before trouble ever finds you. Matthew offers a number of different services that are designed to help individuals and businesses not only protect their assets but stay afloat after a judgment has been imposed on them. These services are as follows:

To help both clients and potential clients keep their assets safe, Matthew Mullhofer Orange County Attorney At Law offers the following tips:

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