Coorporate Law and Partnerships

California Corporations

Incorporating a business in California offers a number of advantages that aid in the protection of both assets and privacy.
A California Corporation will protect the individual from personal liability. A single individual can hold all offices including: Director, Shareholder, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Incorporating in California can allow you to take advantage of tax deductible benefits such as health, accident, disability insurance, life insurance, and medical reimbursement plans. Corporations that have fewer than 75 shareholders can elect S corporation status which allows for the profits to flow through the company and directly to the shareholders of the corporation without being taxed.

The benefits of a California corporation include:

Delaware Corporations

In recent years more than 50% of all corporations have been incorporated in Delaware. The state of Delaware is well equipped for corporations because it has a separate court for the adjudication of corporate litigation resulting in extensive case law for corporate matters. Delaware provides many tax benefits including: no state corporate tax on interest or other investment income, no state sales tax, no ad-valorem or value added tax, and no taxes on business transactions. A single person can hold all offices including Director, Shareholder, President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The corporate headquarters of Delaware corporations can be located anywhere in the world.

Delaware corporation benefits include:

Nevada Corporations

The combination of Nevada’s thriving business climate combined with their extremely low state and local taxes have made it a desirable location for business incorporation. In Nevada the names of stockholders are not made public and there is no information exchange program with the Internal Revenue Service. This offers greater protection of your privacy. The Nevada legislature is committed to making Nevada corporate law attractive and flexible. A few of the many tax benefits include no state personal income tax, and no state corporate tax on profits or major annual fees.

Nevada corporation benefits include:

Limited Partnerships

A limited partnership is an effective asset protection vehicle that allows you to retain control of your property while granting the direct ownership to the partnership. Often you or your spouse, or a company owned by you will be the general partners, allowing you complete control and management of the partnership. Children or other trusted designees can also be brought in as limited partners in order to transfer property to them. The partnership is an effective tool because under partnership statutes, a creditor who has obtained a judgment against you has no right to take any property from the partnership. The creditor would only be able to attach any payments made to you on behalf of the partnership.

Advantages of owning a limited partnership include:

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