Living Trusts California

A Living Trust is similar to a will, however it offers unique advantages. A will is subject to probate that will impose significant costs on the estate and those who are to inherit from you. A Living Trust is not subject to probate. Because it is not subject to probate, it keeps your assets confidential, maintains the privacy of the transfer of your assets, and you manage to avoid the high costs associated with probate. Having a Living Trust will allow you to prevent the court from controlling your assets at death or incapacity. Your privacy is protected because the Living Trust does not appear on public record, and the name of the Living Trust can be chosen by you in order to preserve your privacy. You can elect for your living trust to be revocable or irrevocable. An Irrevocable Living Trust is more private and has some added tax benefits, however you do not have any control over your assets and cannot make any changes to the trust. A Revocable Living Trust allows you to make changes at any time during your life.

Advantages of a Living Trust

Advantages of a Funded Revocable Living Trust