"Matt helped me protect my assets from creditors and frivolous lawsuits, while maintaining my family's privacy. I strongly recommend that you utilize Matt Mullhofer to develop an asset protection strategy that fits your needs."

J. Harmon
Costa Mesa, CA

"Being a financial advisor, I was concerned with keeping my financial information private. Mr. Mullhofer provided me with professional services and strict confidentiality in the formation of my Corporation!"

M.B. Johnson
Laguna Hills, CA

"As an attorney I know the importance of proper and effective estate planning. Many people make a mistake by not using a licensed attorney who specializes in estate planning. Matt is an experienced professional that I will continue to use in the future."

J. La Rossa
Long Beach, CA

"I met Mr. Mullhofer while representing other clients. In the past I had used different attorneys at different times for trusts, wills, durable power of attorney, and directive to physicians. Conversations with Mr. Mullhofer grew into a business relationship. He created a new trust, accompanying documents, and formed my L.L.C. Through my referrals he has represented my clients, personal friends, and one of my sons. To say I have confidence in his legal acumen would be an understatement. Mr. Mullhofer is competent, well trained and bright. You won't be disappointed in his services."

D. Brown
Newport Beach, CA

"Mr. Mullhofer helped us save our family home and stock portfolio from a frivolous lawsuit and creditor claims. He was thorough, professional and attentive to our individual needs."

M. Reilly
San Clemente, CA